Queen Size Mayan Hammock

Queen Size Mayan Hammock

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Hammock #6:  Large Mayan style Hammock hand made in Mexico.  These hammocks come directly from Yucatan vliiage in Mexico.  The large hammock is great for one to three adults, up to 600 pounds resistance. This is our best seller in the “Traditional” category.  This hammock is very strong, comfortable and resistant hammock. Perfect size, not too big not too small. Most local hotels and tourist traveling in the Yucatan would go for this size hammock.

Hammock #6, L

Dimensions: L 13ft. / W 6.7ft

Weight Capacity: 1 adult / 660 lbs

Item Weight: 3.3 lbs

Available in: Nylon

Color options:

  Cool (blues/greens)

  Warm (yellow/orange)

  Multi colors (mixed)

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