Aluminum Our aluminum patio umbrellas are umbrellas the have an aluminum frame. The frame style may actually be a market umbrella or a patio umbrella. The distinction in a classic market umbrella is the thicker ribs, a wind vent, and typically the umbrella does not have a valance. A true patio umbrella has thin aluminum rods and has a free-hanging valance. Since most consumers use patio umbrella to describe any outdoor umbrella, we use patio umbrella to describe all our outdoor umbrellas.

We have residential and commercial aluminum patio umbrellas. Our aluminum commercial umbrellas do not tilt, and made with thicker aluminum than a residential umbrella. Typically the hub is also constructed for commercial purposes.

Our offset umbrellas also have aluminum frames. Cantilever umbrellas are ideal when you do not want a center pole. They are ideal for resorts and poolside settings. The offset umbrella creates an open setting without an obstructing center pole. It’s a great choice for outdoor seating areas that don’t have a dining table.

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