Treasure Garden Umbrellas

Treasure Garden Umbrellas are among the finest in the world.  Their proven track record of success is based off of providing umbrellas in the categories GOOD/BETTER/BEST.   By providing umbrellas classed as GOOD/BETTER/BEST, you the consumer are able to find the perfect umbrella to suite your needs and budget.

GOOD: Solefin - fabric made from 100% Solution-Dyed Soft Olefin fabrics (Grade D). Limited 2 year warranty against fading.
BETTER: O'Bravia - fabric made from 100% Solution-Dyed Polyester fabrics (Grade C). Limited 4 year warranty against fading.
BEST: Sunbrella - fabric made from 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic fabrics (Grade A+ and A). Limited 5 year warranty against fading.AG19 Series
BETTER: AG28 Series
BEST: AKZ Series

Aluminum Umbrella Frames:
GOOD: Push Button Tilt 
BETTER: Auto Tilt - continue to crank the handle to tilt the umbrella.
BEST: Collar Tilt - to tilt umbrella, simply twist the collar in a clockwise direction.  It's that easy.


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