Deluxe Antique Brown Duracord Rope Hammock
Synthetic rope, but soft as cotton to the touch

Deluxe Antique Brown Duracord Rope Hammock

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How good is solution-dyed DuraCord® rope? It holds its color, yet it won't hold mold or mildew. It tolerates both heavy wear and limited care. It's quick-drying and non-staining. Unlike cotton rope, the weather won't be mercilessly hard on it, yet just like cotton rope, it's soft to the skin. So to answer our earlier question: Not good at all, but exceptional!

Spreader bars are constructed of unfinished South American cumaru, of the densest and handsomest woods in the world, for premium durability and strength. Spreader design enhances gentle swaying motion. Hatteras Hammocks® logo is branded on each spreader bar, representing strength and durability of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Hammock comes complete with superior constructed hardware. Heavy-duty zinc chromate hardware resists rust. One piece welded ring and chain prevents loss of hardware and provides for easy adjustment of hammock height. Two inch diameter ring and welded chain ensure safety. Zinc-plated eyebolt and hook assembly is the largest in the industry for added protection and strength.





•  3-ply DuraCord rope is solution-dyed, for colorfastness

•  Synthetic rope, but soft as cotton to the touch

•  Spreader bars are solid unfinished South America cumaru

•  Hatteras Hammocks cumaru is harvested only from managed forests

•  Zinc-plated hanging hardware includes 2 tree hooks

•  Hammock stand and pillows sold separately

•  Made in the USA


Item Specifications

Product Dimensions

Body 60” wide x 82” long, total length 13’


1 year

Hanging Distance

Accommodates up to 15’ space when using the chains provided

Weight Capacity

450 pounds


5 feet

Rope Color

Antique Brown


DuraCord® rope, cumaru spreader bars, zinc-plated hardware


2 or more people

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