What are the different types of tilt patio umbrellas?



In the world of patio umbrellas, there are endless styles, features, and brands to choose from. If you are getting ready to spruce up your backyard space, you have probably stumbled upon some excellent options, but it is important to know exactly what you want in your new umbrella before making a purchase.

If you want your umbrella to have a tilt feature, check out this quick breakdown of the different types of tilt patio umbrellas available from Treasure Garden.

Treasure Garden umbrellas have proven to be some of the highest quality patio umbrellas on the market. They have found success by offering three tiers of aluminum patio umbrella frames: good, better, and best. This allows you, the consumer, to find the perfect umbrella that meets your needs and your budget. 

push button tilt umbrella, patio umbrella, outdoor umbrella Good patio umbrellas feature a push-button tilt ➡️ http://bit.ly/43o1vwX. This 7.5' push-button tilt umbrella is one of the best residential umbrellas on the market. Featuring a crank lift operation, the umbrella canopy comes in over a dozen colors and multiple frame finishes. 

Better patio umbrellas feature an auto-tilt (Crank the handle clockwise to open and tilt the umbrella canopy) ➡️ http://bit.ly/3mp83L9. Featuring Treasure Garden's patented auto-tilt system, this 9' umbrella is incredibly easy to use. Durable in performance and sleek in design, this umbrella is sure to impress. 

collar tilt umbrella, patio umbrella, outdoor umbrella

Best patio umbrellas feature a collar tilt (Twist the collar clockwise to tilt the umbrella canopy) ➡️ http://bit.ly/3L2w1p7. Looking for a tilt umbrella with lights? The 9' Starlux features light strips built into each umbrella rib and the impressive Collar Tilt function making it a superior choice for your outdoor space. 

Which type of tilt umbrella would work best for you? Is there anything else you are looking for in an umbrella? 

If you have questions about choosing your next patio umbrella, please reach out by phone at (800) 738-7229 or email at sales@patioumbrellastore.com. We would love to help!